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To Preserve and Protect
The Annual Motor Parkway "SUNDAY DRIVE" 
to Lake Ronkonkoma
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Film one and two, to get a glimpse of past events.
April 26, 2015

This year the "SUNDAY DRIVE"  represented the 104th Anniversary of the Petit Trianon making is debut at our Lake, and the Proclamation of the Petit Trianon as the 10th Historic Landmark of Lake Ronkonkoma.  The FIFTH year of the "SUNDAY DRIVE" was a milestone for our group and Lake Ronkonkoma.  The amount of planning and working together from all different groups was huge.  But, as usual, it all came together and we enjoyed a splendid morning and afternoon with perfect weather and good friends and new acquaintances. 

Thank yous' are necessary.  The City of New York; the New York Police Department; the Nassau County Police Department; Lake Success Police Department; our own Suffolk County Police Department; all 72 Vintage Vehicles that participated;  Town of Islip for their support and destination availability; Howard & Rosalind Kroplick; Queens Historical Society; Patchogue Historical Society and Steve & Rosemary Lucas; Long Island Antique Fire Apparatus Association and Susan Savochka; Model A Ford Club of Long Island; Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society; Isabella Gordon, Elana Borowski and Tianna Balkam, our beautiful "toll collectors" at Ronkonkoma Beach; Members of the Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association abroad and local; The Okvist family; Robert Kentner; Helen Hethy Mulvihill; Art Davis; local families that support us; John Kennedy, Suffolk County Comptroller; Jo Molonari &  Legislator Leslie Kennedy.  If we have missed anyone, our apologies.  

The "toll" collected was presented to the ARTHUR LOPEZ MEMORIAL.  It will be put to good use as they go forward and make this a better world.  "God speed, young man, and your memory inspires us to celebrate life as you would have"  

​Pictures are in no particular order,  we are placing them on the page as they come in.
October 20, 2013

4th Annual Motor Parkway "SUNDAY DRIVE" to Lake Ronkonkoma

Was not a "Sunday Drive" as we know it. Due to the GRANDSTANDS property in Levittown to be developed after all these years, we recreated the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race.  We drove through Nassau County on authentic routes, many still available.  The "Race" was a success, and a great time was had be all.  We thank Ed Mangano, Nassau County Executive and his Police Department for making our way safe and sound.  We are grateful for the assistance we received from the Farmingdale Fire Department,  Plainview Fire Department & Syosset Fire Department who manned the "PIT STOPS" as we followed our race course.
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October 28, 2012

3rd Annual Motor Parkway "SUNDAY DRIVE" to Lake Ronkonkoma

October 28, 2011

2nd Annual Motor Parkway "SUNDAY DRIVE" to Lake Ronkonkoma

​This was a  "Rain Date" of the August 7, 2011 1st Annual "SUNDAY DRIVE". It was a cold clear morning, and the group began at the intersection of Deer Park Ave. & LI Motor Parkway.  There was a severe ice & snow storm the day before, and it was still cold.  But, at 7:00 am, the cars started to arrive at the meeting place.  
The RONKONKOMA FIRE DEPARTMENT was there to escort us back to the LAKE along with the Suffolk County Police.  The support from both is very much appreciated.
Suffolk County Legislators Tom Muratore and Jon Cooper added to the day. 
August 7, 2011​

1st Annual Motor Parkway "SUNDAY DRIVE" to Lake Ronkonkoma

​The rain fell from the sky that morning, and we all reluctantly tried to accept the fact that the "Sunday Drive" portion of the event would not take place.  But you do not know those Vintage Car owners like we do.  Bruce Adams took the lead at the starting point, and the RONKONKOMA FIRE DEPARTMENT "rescued" the group and took them on the "Sunday Drive" of their lives.  Once arriving at Raynor Park, the group was greeted by the awaiting crowd.  The event known as the "Sunday Drive" hit as a complete success and has since gone on to be the largest organized group of Vintage Vehicles traveling the Long Island Motor Parkway every year.  
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This is a Comical Rendition. The Black Beast 8 is actually on the track at the 
World Famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
 Attending the 100 year anniversary of the Speedway, Howard Kroplick served as the Mechanician of the Beast, while World known
Formula 1 Champion Emerson Fitapaldi 
drove the Beast on the Racetrack.
In our attempt to give Legislator Jon Cooper an idea of what he was in for, we appropriated the picture.
Leg. Cooper served as the mechanician of the Beast at the Second Annual Motor Parkway SUNDAY DRIVE to Lake Ronkonkoma.  

Woman seated is Susanna Sjostrand Okvist Sullivan (mother of Ivar, William & Eric Okvist) and daughter Cecil Sullivan to the right.  Husband Austin Sullivan is standing.  Taken outside of their home at 12 Elm Street,
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
Cunningham Park, Queens in first assembly
Long Island Motor Parkway in Cunningham Park, Queens 
Lets get a look at our Police Departments that kept us safe on the highways and country roads.
New York Police Department, Nassau County Police Department, Lake Success Police Department, and Suffolk County Police Department 
Driving out between Cunningham Park and Lake Ronkonkoma 
Toll Entrance with the 3 Toll Collectors
At The Ronkonkoma Beach Park, the Site of the Petit Trianon Built in 1911
Arthur Lopez Memorial

All vehicles participating tied a 
Blue Ribbon to their vehicle unifing the SUNDAY DRIVE in honor of Arthur.

Howard Kroplick and Ellyn Okvist take a ride in the Black Beast