Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association

To Preserve and Protect
The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Commission was created to serve as the town’s official body for administering the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966; the Historic Landmarks of Lake Ronkonkoma; The Historic Marker Program; The Demolition Delay*, and any other Historic Recognition of interesting sites that fit into the categories. 
The commission is the only Lake  Ronkonkoma authority charged with town-wide historic and heritage responsibilities.  Interested citizens are needed and welcome to participate in one or more of the studies.  
Please continue to read our website for instructions and general information regarding our quest for the integrity and accuracy of the history and heritage of Lake Ronkonkoma. 

Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Commission 


Ellyn Okvist, Chairman                             2010
Gerry Gibbons, Co-Asst. Chair                 2012
Barbara Bryant Denninger                        2012
Kevin Hyms                                               2014
Shawn Hyms                                             2014
Ashley Okvist, Co-Asst. Chair                   2014
Michael Sullivan                                        2014
Virginia Phillips Schutte                            2015​

Esteemed Members:   

Helen Hethy Mulvihill, ex officio               1942
George Okvist, ex officio                          1928

Deceased Members: 

​Kathleen Fish Cunningham (1964-2011)   
Jim Browne                          (1935-2015)    ​
Marjorie Vollgraff Raynor     (         -2016)

Historic Marker Production:

Daryl Walsh, Walsh Signs for the body                      2012
Steve Lantz, Master Carpenter for wood fabrication  2012

(All members are volunteers)


The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Commission was created in 2013 to serve the Historic Lake Ronkonkoma Community. The commission is the only Town  authority charged with town-wide preservation responsibilities. The Historic Landmarks of Lake Ronkonkoma were originally started by the LAKE RONKONKOMA HERITAGE ASSOCIATION.  Due to the overwhelming interest and multiple nominations, a separate Commission has been formed to oversee the HISTORIC LANDMARKS OF LAKE RONKONKOMA, the HISTORIC MARKER PROGRAM and the HISTORIC MERCHANTILE REGISTRY PROGRAM

The TEN commission members are appointed by the selectmen for terms of three years.  They meet every three to four weeks or as needed at a pre-arranged site.  Upcoming meetings are posted on the Calendar of Meetings on the website. Agendas and minutes are also posted on the website under the Historical Commission heading. We welcome visitors, but do ask that you notify us in advance by email so we can plan for time allotment. Walk-ins will not be addressed without the confirmed appointment. 

The Commission should not be confused with the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society, a private, non-profit organization.

The commission has the following responsibilities:
To create and maintain an inventory of historic assets, including houses, barns and outbuildings, commercial buildings, cemeteries, monuments, neighborhoods, and historic districts; and any other site or location as they develop with the commission.
To make note the above-named assets from neglect, deterioration, demolition, and development;
To provide educational opportunities to understand the history and heritage of the town and the historic context of important preservation resources.
To ensure the heritage is always maintained and taught


The need for additional members has been decided.  The skills and knowledge each one has will strongly benefit the LR Historic Commission and the decisions made.  They will be introduced to the group in 2018.
Charles Laux
Susan Agnew
David Taylor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE LR HERITAGE ASSOCIATION "Historical Landmarks of Lake Ronkonkoma", and the New York State Historic Markers (Blue & Yellow)

The Landmark signs are no longer being produced, even with the demand being at a high level.  Every attempt will be made to replace the wood markers with the NYS Markers.  Applications have been made, and as we are approved or not, this will occur.  Federal Markers are being applied for, with the strictest confidence.  They take 3 to 5 years for approval/denial.  More on this sign situation as needed.