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The following photos are from Family and Individual Collections and have never been offered for public view.  Each and every photo has been used with permission and the photo credits are plainly listed with each group.  We thank everyone who has submitted photos.  I you would like to submit, they can be emailed or arrangements can be made to get them on he website.  One pre-requisition: they must be from the Historic Lake Ronkonkoma Area!  Thank you. 
Photo Collection of Lois Okvist Grange 
Photo Collection of Cecil Sullivan Zubrod 
August 31, 1937
Photo Collection of Karen Zubrod Williamson
R to L: Susanna (Okvist) Sullivan, Cecil Sullivan,      Edna Wickham Zoeller
Susanna Sjostrand Okvist Sullivan 
Photo Collection of Karen Zubrod Williamson
Susanna and Austin Sullivan with two visitors (back row)
Hilma Oquist Karlberg (sister of Carl Patrick Oquist), her husband Theodore, Susanna Okvist Sullivan and Cecil (little girl) approximately 1919.
Two views of The Homestead at #12 Elm Street, still standing today.....
“Only for the egotist and the dogmatist…is there one “history” only. The rest of us live with the suspicion that there are as many histories as there are people and maybe a few more---
Robert Coover “Whatever Happened to Gloomy Gus of the Chicago Bears?”
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to our heritage"
"Heritage: What is buried in the past of
 one generation falls to the next to claim"
Members & Family of the Lake Ronkonkoma Cardinals Baseball Team circa 1930s -
Two boys are William & Robert Okvist (sons of Wm. Okvist); Men from left to right- Lifeguard/player, 2- lifeguard/player, 3-Ivar Okvist lifeguard/catcher; William Okvist player; front left: 1-wife, 2-wife, kneeling- wife; 4-Elsie Okvist. 
Elsie & Ivar Okvist (Lifeguard at Lake) at Becker's Beach, Lake Ronkonkoma 1926