Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association

To Preserve and Protect
Ongoing responsibilities include administering the Historic Marker Program, which recognizes Lake Ronkonkoma’s pre-1939 architectural heritage. That is 75 years old or older.  

Marker Application 
The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Commission sponsors an HISTORIC MARKER PROGRAM to encourage architectural appreciation and to recognize buildings constructed prior to 1939 (75 years or older) that maintain their fundamental architectural character. Markers awarded to date recognize buildings dating from the 1720’s to 1939 and ranging from high-style residences to a vegetable storage building. They list the name of the original owner(s) and the date or approximate date of construction.

 The cost of the markers (tbd) covers expenses and is paid by the applicant. The expenses include the marker and a full Official Report from the Commission.  Markers help educate the community and increase architectural awareness. Owners are not obligated to maintain the house’s appearance once a marker is granted, nor is there any requirement that future changes be reviewed. 

Buildings must have been constructed by 1939. Exceptions can be made.
Any type of building is eligible, including houses, barns, outbuildings, and commercial buildings 
Buildings should maintain basic design integrity
Additions and changes should be in keeping with the original style 
Final determination on eligibility and construction date will be made by the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Commission.
Fees for buildings determined to be ineligible will be returned in full.

Your application will be returned to us, and the process will start. Once approved, we will be glad to assist you with the information you will need to apply to NYS Historical Preservation and the National Register if you wish.  

Six Individual Historic Marker Program Recipient's have been granted. All of them are wonderful and have added interest to the owners properties.  
Due to privacy issues, all have asked for discretion in location.  We are confident they will be released in the future.